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UTAC CERAM worldwilde homologation partner

Whichever country you want to launch a new vehicle model into, UTAC is able to provide you the support you need for all legislative and regulatory purposes. As country has many different regulations, complex administrative structures and specific work processes, thanks to its long experience in certification and monitoring of European and international regulations, UTAC can take charge of the entire certification process for our customers: from advice and initial consultancy, to regulatory support, accreditation, administrative processing and testing. Throughout this period, UTAC remains your single point of contact, providing you substantial time savings and internationally recognized reliability.

UTAC has earned numerous global accreditations which bare witness to its international reputation and the confidence global authorities have in us. UTAC is a notified body by the French, British, Luxembourgian, Dutch and Romanian Type Approval Authorities, as well as the European Commission and the United Nations, for the witnessing and performance of tests required for the approval of vehicles and their equipment, in accordance with the respective regulations of the EU and UN-ECE.

UTAC has also been delegated by many Authorities for monitoring the Conformity of Production (CoP).

Many countries have certified UTAC for the performance of tests as part of their own national regulations, and UTAC operates in the following countries to support you:

  • Asia: China (CCC marking), South Korea (KMVSS), India (AIS), Indonesia, Japan (TRIAS), Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan (VSTD), Thailand
  • Oceania: Australia (ADR), New-Zealand
  • Next and Middle-East: Turkey, Gulf countries (SASO tyres), Israel
  • South America: Brazil (INMETRO tyres), Chili, MERCOSUR
  • North America: USA (FMVSS, accreditation AMECA*), Canada (CMVSS)
  • Africa: Algeria, Morrocco, Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa
  • Eurasiatic Economic Union
  • Etc.

    ISO / IEC PDF documents for Millbrook. Download here.

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UTAC : the only one French official Euro NCAP laboratory

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UTAC is the only French laboratory for official Euro NCAP testing (and one of only eight laboratories accredited in the whole of Europe), and is in charge of measuring the safety performance of new vehicles coming to market in Europe.

UTAC is able to perform all of these tests in its own laboratories. Euro NCAP organises crash-tests and provides consumers in the automotive sector with a realistic, independent assessment of the safety of some of the most widely-sold cars in Europe.

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