Accreditations & recognitions

UTAC CERAM has earned numerous accreditations and widespread recognition which bear witness to our international reputation and the confidence the authorities have in us.


UTAC is notified by the French, British, Dutch and Romanian authorities to the European Commission and United Nations for the performance of all tests required for the approval of vehicles and their equipment, in accordance with the respective regulations of the EU and UN-ECE.

The French Authorities have also delegated Conformity of Production (CoP) monitoring to UTAC.



Many countries (Japan, Taiwan, Australia, etc.) have certified UTAC for the performance of tests as part of their own national regulations.

Test laboratory

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UTAC is the official laboratory for EuroNCAP, which is responsible for measuring vehicle safety performances. The group is therefore authorised to carry out these tests in its laboratories.


The Group is also ISO 17025 accredited as a test laboratory (COFRAC test accreditation n°1-0193, list of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr).

Download our accreditation certificate:

 Test laboratory    Certification

Certifying body

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UTAC is recognised as a certifying body by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF).

UTAC was awarded ISO 17021-1 accreditation as a certification body (COFRAC management systems certification accreditation n°4-0006, scopes available on www.cofrac.fr).

Training organisation

UTAC is a training body approved by the Prefect of the Ile de France region under number 11 91 06473 91