The UTAC CERAM group, who has been engaged for several years in Corporate and Social and Responsibility, has been awarded a silver medal by the Ecovadis label. This approach, implementing action plans to meet social, societal and environmental challenges, is based on the collective commitment that UTAC has demonstrated in this area and is part of the Group's transformation strategy, in order to best respond to the needs of its customers, its staff and the expectations of all its stakeholders.


Actions were first deployed in the field of the environment with the goal of reducing  the consumption of energy and other resources, as well as a reduction and the recycling of waste, in particular the installation of  facilities for the collection of tires (equivalent to 13,000 liters of gasoil), as well as a support for biodiversity with numerous projects undertaken during the construction of the Teqmo test tracks: this included the creation of a protected area for the local wildlife, replanting of 52 hectares of tress in several forests in French to compensate for the 13 hectares cleared during the making of TEQMO, and the displacement of wetlands to allow regrowth of protected orchids. The Installation of beehives at the Mortefontaine test center and at the Linas-Montlhéry site has also been part of the UTAC CERAM approach to encouraging biodiversity on our proving grounds.

In the social field, the actions that were commended consisted in the development of UTAC CERAMs inclusivity programme, which has seen the deployment of measures for equality between female and male workers, the doubling of the number of work-placement students in 2019 (to maintain intergenerational balance) as well as the encouragement and support of people with disabilities to join the business.  UTAC CERAM has also been very active in improving collective agreements to promote the personal / professional life balance, in career management with a promotion of the equality of all trades and skills, a development of the living and working environment with new staff areas for rest breaks in some our many green and wooded spaces on the sites and an increase in the consideration of the safety and health of all employees.

The societal aspect has also been taken into account with actions aimed at preventing corruption, fraud or influence with the implementation of a new ethical charter which all employees are encouraged to sign up too.