Our mission and values

Our mission and values

Our mission

Supporting our customers in their land transportation projects

Our values

Our values guide us every day and enable us to give meaning to our actions.
Our expertise, teamwork, the commitment of each employee and our positive attitude all contribute to providing the best possible service for our clients.



We develop our expertise and versatility to achieve excellence


Our differences and diversity enrich our daily work. Together, our performance is better.


Our convictions and willingness to take action contribute to our daily implication in our work.

Positive attitude

Every problem has a solution and is an opportunity for us to go above and beyond

Our driving force: people

The success of our group depends on the success and fulfilment of our employees
Ensuring that our employees feel motivated and stay committed is our main HR challenge 

We continuously resolve to:

  • Pay particular attention to the integration of new employees to increase their chances of success
    Upon arrival, new employees are accompanied and guided by their managers, who provide experience and benevolent advice.
  • Support employees in their professional development
    Training, skills development and internal mobility allow us to offer exciting career paths
  • Promote diversity
    We fight against all forms of discrimination. We are convinced that the wealth of our company and its openness lies in difference. Diversity fosters the sharing of knowledge and stimulates creativity
  • Listen to what employees have to say
    We allow our staff members to express themselves throughout their careers and we listen to what they say in order to improve
  • Respect work-life balance
    Teamwork, collaborative tools and teleworking allow employees to create balance in their day-to-day lives

Some figures...


employees in 2019
+13% compared to 2018


employees hired in 2019
(4th year of growth)


Average age