The French and British sites have launched several programs and operations to welcome young students to discover the different professions of the automotive sector. 

In France, this is characterized by the opening of the alternance season. The aim is to train and recruit the best talent to become future collaborators at the Linas-Montlhéry and Mortefontaine sites. This approach, which is part of the HR strategy, highlights the contribution of learning in terms of generational balance, as well as in the Corporate Social Responsibility commitments.
In the UK, in parallel, the training program launched with the IMECHE (Institution of Mechnanical Engineers) has recently given birth to an article in the Professional Engineering magazine. Mentees and mentors from UTAC CERAM Millbrook have spoken about how the mentoring scheme has supported their development.

Read interview here: https://www.imeche.org/news/news-article/'our-mentor-puts-so-much-focus-on-personal-learning'-engineering-at-millbrook