In order to certify the rear underrun protection devices according to regulation no. 58 series 03, UTAC CERAM Millbrook has updated its offering. The group is now able to carry out these tests and to support its customers in the development test phase, thanks to servo hydraulic cylinders, specifically developed for this test.


As of 1st September 2019, the rear underrun protection devices must be approved according to the 03 series which brings new stricter requirements. This concerns the dimensional requirements which have been modified (section height >120mm against 100mm previously). The effort for positioning the device must now be less than 40 daN, especially for the increase in application forces (from 100 kN to 180 kN max). The tests may be carried out on a complete vehicle or on a rigid frame to keep the tested device positive. Three successive thrusts are to be carried out: one at the vehicle centre, one between 350 and 500mm from the first thrusting and one at a maximum of 300mm from the end of the width of the rear axle.