Events calendar

Organisation of customised events

Experience, responsiveness and expertise: PAE, a full team working on your projects.

  • Events (seminars, team building, network training, etc.)
  • Product presentations (product launches, press days, meetings, conventions, annual general meetings, etc.)
  • Photo shoots
  • Track days (clubs)

2 prestigious sites just outside Paris

The Linas-Montlhéry motor-racing circuit (14 km of tracks) and the Mortefontaine site (22 km of tracks) are available to organise your events.

  • Track rental
  • Driver training
  • Facilities and workshop rental

A unique reception hall

The "LE 1924" hall, located in the heart of the Linas-Montlhéry race track, is a new type of reception hall fully equipped to host your events.

  • 470 m2 of usable space
  • 224 places – retractable stands
  • Terrace with panoramic view
  • PRM access: ground level, lift, ramp
  • Fully equipped (toilets, caterer's office, technical rooms, control room, WiFi, etc.)

Download the brochure for the Le 1924 hall

Facilities in the Great Britain

Millbrook corporate event venues combine top-grade event facilities with access to private tracks to offer unforgettable events and corporate driving experiences near Milton Keynes and Bedford. Book now.

Montlhéry and Mortefontaine Driving School (EFCAM)

  • Support for events
  • Driver training (eco-driving, safe driving, advanced driving workshops and more)

You can use the services of the EFCAM to supplement your events with driving courses.

Further information about the EFCAM

Some events organised by Paris Auto Events