Individual Vehicle Approval (RTI)

Tests in view of single vehicle approval of imported light vehicles  (<5t GVW)

By request of the DREAL, DRIEE and DEAL, UTAC CERAM performs tests for the approval of single vehicles which are partially or entirely non-compliant with a European type (in accordance with the manufacturer's certificate, to be supplied). These vehicles are usually from North America (USA, Canada), Japan or the United Kingdom.

Tests commonly carried out include noise level, rear-view, EMC, braking and pollution. Other tests such as towable mass or self levelling suspension for xenon headlamps, etc. may sometimes be required.

Appointments must be requested by sending an e-mail to rti@utacceram.com including the following information:
  • Brand, model and year of the vehicle
  • Tests required (appendix 3 to be requested from your DREAL, DRIEE and DEAL)
  • Manufacturer's certificate of conformity (or non-conformity)

You will then be given the elements required for the technical and administrative file, allowing you to validate the feasibility, price and appointment. 


For all information concerning RTI(<5t), contact us on: +33 (0)1 69 80 17 00.

In the United Kingdom

Millbrook provides compliance reports for the purposes of Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). IVA testing includes a low emission check to ensure vehicles meet the required standards. More here.