bandeau ambulance

Ambulance compliance

UTAC checks the compliance of vehicles specially adapted for medical transport in accordance with standard NF EN 1789:2014. This standard applies to A1, A2, B and C type ambulances capable of transporting at least one person on a stretcher. It also specifies the requirements to which the onboard medical equipment is subject.

The regulatory context

Commissioning ambulances requires the delivery of a specific authorisation. The decree of 10 February 2009 from the Ministry of Health lays down in article 6 the conditions required for vehicles and the physical equipment assigned to land medical transport, and appoints UTAC as the technical service responsible for carrying out the necessary tests and inspections.

The inspection procedure

At your request, our teams check compliance with the conditions laid down in standard NF EN 1789:2014. The elements to establish the vehicle's compliance are, for all types:
  • Documentary (inspection of files, communication sheets, manufacturer certificates)
  • Tests or inspection on the vehicle and/or sub-assemblies
  • Verification of the qualification of all involved (on-site inspections, assessment of the quality system)


Inspections cover in particular:

  • Weights and dimensions
  • Electrical equipment
  • Performances
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Medical equipment (stretcher)
  • Attachment of the equipment


With regard to red ambulances or Casualty Rescue and Assistance Vehicles (VSAV), UTAC carries out the following inspections relative to the Fire Brigade Equipment NF certification standard on behalf of AFNOR Certification and the Fire Brigade Equipment NF mark, in addition to the tests for standard NF EN 1789: 2014, in particular:

  • Tests according to appendix 14 of the Fire Brigade Equipment NF 377 certification standard
  • Acceptance or NF monitoring audits for industrialists manufacturing VSAV.


The purpose of the NF mark applied to VSAV is to ensure the equipment used by the fire and rescue services is uniform, optimised and interoperable, in particular by providing specific requirements, details and options adapted to their tasks.

Once this work is finished we issue a report. This report certifies the vehicle's compliance or highlights any discrepancies with regard to the standard. These discrepancies must be brought into compliance in view of a new inspection (inspection of the vehicle or documents).

Once all the discrepancies have been cleared in addition to the specific requirements of the Fire Brigade Equipment NF certification standard, AFNOR issues the NF certificate for each VSAV sales reference.

You will find the list of Fire Brigade Equipment NF certified products on the NF mark website (www.marque-nf.com)