Car-derived vans

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The regulatory context

The reform aiming to amend the conditions relative to the reversible modification of certain types of normal production vehicles was published on 21 November 2014, has been applicable since 01 March 2015 and has been obligatory since 01 July 2015.

Henceforth, car manufacturers must specify the vehicles they authorise for modification and only these will be eligible for reversible modification, termed "Car-derived vans", either performed by the manufacturer itself or by a coachbuilder recognised by the manufacturer's services for a new vehicle, or by a fitter qualified within the meaning of the decree of 07 November 2014 for a used vehicle.

UTAC has been appointed as the body responsible for issuing this qualification for used cars. We carry out ½ day audits at fitters' sites to ensure that the safety instructions recommended by the manufacturers are properly are adhered to.