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Become a UTAC-qualified LCV coachbuilder

Are you a coach builder and would like to become a qualified operator?

Our teams are here to explain the specifications, answer your questions with regard to setting up your quality system and then to assess it.

Specifications: know the regulatory provisions 

The decree of 14 May 2014 changed the provisions for supplementary bodywork approval for Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) having a GVWR less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes (international categories N1, O1 and O2).

This decree amends appendices VII (vehicle approval decree of 19 July 1954) and enables coachbuilders who are qualified operators to certify the compliance of the vehicles they manufacture.

This qualification is based on:

  • The setting up of a simplified quality system
  • Knowledge of and compliance with the Highway Code

Assess your quality system 

At your request, our teams will come to your site and check compliance with these conditions and draw up a report. This highlights any discrepancy with the selected standard. Any such discrepancies will require you to set up a corrective action plan.

If you are EN ISO 9001 certified (which covers production sites and the products for approval), you must provide us with your certificate in order to validate your quality system.

If the applicant for qualification holds European approval according to the 2007/46/CE directive, this satisfies the requirements of this paragraph.

Validate your qualification: various cases 

Initial qualification is pronounced following an audit. If this audit reveals any discrepancies, you must send us a corrective action plan allowing us to clear these discrepancies and validate your qualification for a period of one year. The qualification is subsequently renewed following a renewal audit for a period of eighteen months. By request of the ministry of transport, supplementary audits may be carried out giving rise to:

• Qualification for the intended period
• Qualification for a reduced period
• Non-qualification

In the latter case, you must have the vehicles produced approved under single vehicle approval (SVA) and start new proceedings to become a qualified operator.

Qualification obtained in application of the decree of 18 November 2005, amended by the decree of 14 May 2014, for vehicles having a GVWR higher than 3.5 tonnes is valid for vehicles of a GVWR less than or equal to 3.5 tonnes in the context of this decree.

The qualification certifications awarded are separate.