Become a public transport Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (IID) inspector

Do you want to become an Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device inspector? Our teams are at your service to explain the qualification processes.

The regulatory context

All buses registered for the first time after 01 January 2010 are fitted with an alcohol ignition interlock device if they are intended for the transport of children. The decree of 05 August 2010 amends the decree of 02 July 1982 and lays down the requirements for periodic inspection of alcohol ignition interlock devices and inspector qualification.

Become a qualified inspector

Inspector qualification is based on the requirements of appendix 12 of the amended decree of 02 July 1982. This qualification is based on:
  • The setting up of a quality system
  • Knowledge of the rules applicable to IID inspection
  • Professional training of the inspector
  • Management of test facilities
  • A satisfactory audit by UTAC

Setting up a quality system

The quality system must be based on standard NF ISO 9001: 2008 or 17020: 2005.
It must have a quality manual demonstrating the compliance of the quality system in accordance with the requirements of the decree of 05 August 2010 (please consult us to obtain the list of chapters).

Knowledge of the rules applicable to IID inspection

We check the existence of suitable measures ensuring compliance with the provisions relative to product inspection. The following points will be checked in particular:
  • Existence and application of procedures/instructions
  • Existence of an inspection register
  • Access to the inspection facilities
  • Issue of an inspection document and a periodic inspection certificate for each inspection
  • Stamping with an inspection mark
  • Document recording and management
  • During our visit we will also check the application of procedures and instructions to an IID


Download the list of qualified components manufacturers:

List of qualified components manufacturers