Regulation & homologation

Our teams of experts provide you with full assistance from the development level up to vehicle type approval with your own project management.


You want to have a vehicle type-approval. Some regulatory modifications impact your type-approval? We have a regulatory control in place to monitor developments. You are therefore informed of the time frames.

Training / Technical support

  • « Intra or inter company» trainings provided by technical experts in the following areas:
    • Environment
    • Active Safety
    • Passive Safety
  • Regulatory control (involvement in regulatory authorities)
  • Support for M, N, O, L and T type approval
  • Technical support

RACE Online

RACE Online enables you to monitor the development of regulations in the European Union (Brussels) and the United Nations (Geneva) through our compilations of regulations updated in real time and available in French and English.

The RACE Online advantages :

  • Full access to regulation texts
  • Real time updates
  • Amendments available from 6-8 months before official publication
  • Intuitive and powerful search engine
  • PDF Exports
  • 15-days free trial version

Click on the logo to access our regulatory platform  Race Online

European and International regulatory expertise

As a technical expert for the French authorities, UTAC CERAM is actively involved in working groups devoted to regulatory developments worldwide (UN-ECE) and in Europe (EU) through the working parties in Geneva and Brussels.



Do you want to have a vehicle type-approval? It comes under one of the categories covered by the framework directives. National or international type-approval can be granted. We perform the specified tests for its delivery and supplied the technical and administrative documents to the authorities for official signature of the certificates.

Performance of regulatory tests in view of approval (M, N, O, L, T)

  • Vehicles and componentsLogo COFRAC Essais
  • Testing at the ISO 17025 accredited UTAC CERAM site
  • "Witness testing" at customers' sites

Production of type approval applications

  • Compilation of technical files
  • Support for submission of applications to the authorities to obtain certificates

Conformity of Production (CoP)

  • Verification of the conformity of production in the case of "e2" and "E2" (delegation from the French authorities)
  • Audit on customer's sites (worldwide)

Assistance in compiling the Manufacturer file for registration in France

In Great Britain

Millbrook conducts vehicle homologation testing and can assess existing, forthcoming or proposed legislation to provide technical reports on its implications. More here.