Noise & Vibration (NVH)

With ISO 17025 accredited services and our cutting-edge equipment, our NVH laboratory supports you from the design to the validation of your products.


Exterior vehicle/tyre noise tests

  • Outdoor/Indoor pass-by noise (pass-by tests, tyre labelling)
  • Diagnosis, source identification and transfer paths analysis
  • Approvals and COP
  • International recognition (ECE, EU, Japan)
  • Development support

Equipment and machine tests

  • Tests performed upon client request
  • Qualification, validation and analysis of noise sources
  • Sound power level tests
  • Service at customer's site

    NVH facilities based in UK 

Our test facilities

  • ISO 10844.2011 track
  • Comfort tracks
  • Semi-anechoic chamber
    • • Dimensions: 21 m x 17 m x 6,5 m
    • • Roller benches 4 wheel drive for light vehicles (<3,5t)
  • 4-post suspension test bench
  • Electrodynamic shakers