Instrumentation / Durability / Evaluation

UTAC CERAM provides its customers with a range of technical activities using its infrastructures and human resources and those of its various partners.

Reliability tests, onboard measurement, subjective or objective handling analysis, development of handling behaviour and durability test benches are all in a day's work for our test teams.

Instrumentation and measurement

  • Vehicle and component data acquisition services
    • On our sites, customers' sites or open roads
  • Reproduction of phenomena (tracks, test benches) for endurance or development

Test driving in France and abroad (on our tracks, customers' tracks and open roads)

  • Management of pro fleets and captive fleets (customers' sites or UTAC CERAM proving grounds
    • Endurance on tracks (powertrain, chassis, components)
    • Speed endurance (2,500 km/day)
    • Accelerated endurance
  • Vehicle endurance mission (hot, cold, dust, altitude, etc.)

Vehicle evaluation (pre-production, serial life)

  • Objective approach
  • Subjective approach
  • Vehicle benchmark

Vehicle preparation for press test-driving (comprehensive monitoring)

Our test facilities

  • Four-posts rigs (vehicles)
  • Vibration table (up to 10 Hz)
  • Shock absorber test bench
  • Modular facilities for components or subsystems dynamic tests up to 50 Hz reproducing time signals recorded on tracks or roads on all types of components.