Active safety

The Active Safety department benefits from tracks and onboard measurement equipment as well as test benches.
Its activity covers tests for homologation purpose (braking, steering, weights and dimensions, speedometer, TPMS, etc.) and development and qualification tests in the fields of road holding, autonomous driver assistance systems and lighting & signaling.

UTAC is Euro NCAP accredited and the Active Safety department implements active safety tests for which we contribute to preparing the protocols.

ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems)

  • Development and qualification tests:
    • AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking)
    • LKA/LDW (Lane Keeping Assist/Lane Departure Warning)
    • SAS (Speed Assist System)
    • ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
    • BSD (Blind Spot Detection)
    • ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
  • Development and benchmarking:
    • Innovative testing scenarios (car to car, car to pedestrian, car to 2-wheeler, night testing)
    • Comparison/rating tests
    • Specification (definition of performance targets)
  • Technical support:
    • Development of test protocols
    • Technical support in the development phase
  • Systems integration expertise
  • Euro NCAP tests (accredited lab)

Vehicle dynamics

  • Vehicles:
    • Measured and subjective tests
  • Sub-systems:
    • Tyres, suspension, steering, brakes, etc.

Test benches

Tyres, brakes, tilt platform and cycles

Approval and tyre labelling

Lighting & signaling systems

Our test facilities

  • Driving robots
    • • ABD C-BAR Braking and accelerator robot - 500 N & 1,200 mm/s
    • • ABD SR60 Steering robot - 70 Nm & 2500°/s
    • • ABD SR60 Torus Steering robot - 85 Nm & 2500°/s
    • • ABD SR15 Steering robot - 20 Nm & 1000°/s 
    • • ABD BR1000 Braking robot with seat - 1,400 N & 800 mm/s
  • ABD GST 2D platform with DRI 3D balloon
  • Calibrated tracks
    • •  Slope, friction
    • •  Many kinds of road lines (continuous, dashed)
    • •  Traffic signs
    • •  Urban lighting
  • 3 OxTs 3002G Inertial and D-GPS systems
  • 2 OxTs Range System Vehicle to vehicle communication systems