Passive safety

Front, side, pole, car-to-car collision, rollover, etc. we carry out tests for vehicle design, approval and for accident reconstructions. We apply our skills in many sectors : automotive, agricultural , military, ...


  • Vehicle: full scale crash (front, side, pole, etc.)
    Euro NCAP accredited laboratory (since 2001)
  • Sub-systems (anchorages, seat-belts, airbags, whiplash, child restraint systems, helmets, crash box, etc.)

Dummy certification and rental

  • Hybrid III family, ES2, WorldSID, Q-dummy family


Our test facilities

  • Crash test sled 2.5 tons up to 110 km/h
  • Reverse catapult (servohydraulic crash simulation system)  1,400 kg of load up to 80g (72 km/h)
  • Anchorages test bench 9 synchronised actuators
  • Pedestrian crash test bench: heads, upper legform, lower legform (TRL and Flex PLI), PDI2
  • Instrumented dummies: HII, HIII (05%, 50%, FAA, 95%), Biorid, ES2, WorldSID, children P series (Newborn, ¾ ,1½, 3, 6, 10) and Q series (1, 1½, 3, 6, 10), THOR