Passive safety

Front, side, pole, car-to-car collision, rollover, etc. we carry out tests for vehicle design, approval and for accident reconstructions. We apply our skills in many sectors : automotive, agricultural , military, ...


  • Vehicle: full scale crash (front, side, pole, etc.)
    Euro NCAP accredited laboratory (since 2001)
  • Sub-systems (anchorages, seat-belts, airbags, whiplash, child restraint systems, helmets, crash box, etc.)

Dummy certification and rental

  • Hybrid III family, ES2, WorldSID, Q-dummy family


Our test facilities

  • Crash test sled 2.5 tons up to 110 km/h
  • Reverse catapult (servohydraulic crash simulation system)  1,400 kg of load up to 80g (72 km/h)
  • Anchorages test bench 9 synchronised actuators
  • Pedestrian crash test bench: heads, upper legform, lower legform (TRL and Flex PLI), PDI2
  • Instrumented dummies: HII, HIII (05%, 50%, FAA, 95%), Biorid, ES2, WorldSID, children P series (Newborn, ¾ ,1½, 3, 6, 10) and Q series (1, 1½, 3, 6, 10), THOR

In the United Kingdom

Millbrook’s vehicle crash test facility is used for vehicle safety tests including front, rear, side and pole impacts. It enables manufacturers to develop and validate vehicle safety restraints and body structure against legislative requirements. The crash test lab is used to test passive safety features of a car.

Millbrook offers static and dynamic sled testing for a range of vehicle types and the aerospace, marine and rail markets. Its ServoSled test facility replaced a HyGe sled facility and delivers accurate and repeatable results with precisely correlated pulses.

Millbrook tests passive and active vehicle safety features. It performs bus, truck, off-highway vehicle, and car safety tests, as well as checking the safety of railway and aircraft seats and other systems and components.