UTAC CERAM unveils a brand new acoustic laboratory

NVH 2017

In 2017, UTAC CERAM unveils a new semi-anechoic chamber dedicated to indoor pass-by noise testing.


For more than 70 years, UTAC CERAM has worked closely in the acoustic and vibration field with major OEM and Tier1 suppliers for development, type approval and conformity of production of their products.

In 2017, UTAC CERAM’s acoustic chamber is replaced by a brand new installation. The renewal focused on a completely new sound insulation by dB VIB, a new 4WD roller bench by CLEMESSY, the installation of two rows of PCB PIEZOTRONICS’s microphones combined with SIEMENS’s acquisition and analysis software.

This project represents an investment over 3 million euro and over 6 months of work to transform the old acoustic chamber into one of the best performing NVH testing facility in Europe for normative and regulatory validation.

This chamber is mainly dedicated for the conduction of indoor pass-by noise testing.

The reduction of vehicle time design and regulatory constraints increase pushed indoor noise testing as a fundamental of vehicle acoustic development. Indoor noise testing enables the elimination of external conditions in order to provide an accurate and repeatable qualification for: 

  • Validation for approval and off-cycle tests
  • Analyzes of sound contributions of sources and vehicle transfer path
  • Benchmarking

UTAC CERAM’s new semi-anechoic chamber will also allow our customers to carry out a complete range of acoustic tests such as:
  • Measurement and analysis of vehicles and equipments internal noises
  • Tests on “silent” vehicles (their low sound emission level makes essential the use of an acoustic chamber)
  • Tests on four-wheel drive vehicles which require the use of a 4WD roller bench

Historical review of UTAC CERAM’s acoustic activity:
  • 1946 : first noise and vibration tests at UTAC
  • 1972 : construction of the first acoustic track (70/157/EC)
  • 1976 : construction of the semi-anechoic chamber (the European largest one at this time)
  • 2008 : construction of the ISO 10844.2011 acoustic track
  • 2016 : construction of the  ISO 10844.2014 acoustic track
  • 2017 : construction of the new semi-anechoic chamber for indoor pass-by noise testing

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