Historic turn for vehicle emissions

WLTP and RDE : a regulatory revolution.

September 1st, following respectively 8 years and 6 years of intense work, WLTP* and RDE** regulations are about to revolutionise the pollutant and fuel consumption light duty vehicles approval, initially adopted in 1970. These procedures are aiming to reduce efficiently NOx and fine particles emissions in cities, as well as reducing the gap between type approved CO2 emissions/fuel consumption and in-use values.

This regulatory development is a drastic change in the automotive world: technically, economically and strategically.

UTAC CERAM group has actively been involved in the elaboration of these regulations since the very beginning, thanks to:

  • the contributions of its experts to the regulatory groups in Brussels (EC) and Geneva (UNECE), in the field of testing and administrative procedures,
  • and testing campaigns carried out to strengthen the relevance of its proposals.
The implementation of the test and administrative procedures has mobilised UTAC CERAM experienced teams since 2014.

The group has therefore been able to support and advise the manufacturers and suppliers to step into this new technical age.


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*Worldwide harmonized Light vehicle Test Procedure
**Real Driving Emissions