5GAA Cellular-V2X Technology Demonstration



UTAC CERAM hosted the first European demonstration of manufacturer interoperability on C-V2X technology – the direct communication standard between vehicles and their environment. This technology will be commercially available in vehicles in 2020.


This testing session of the direct communication technology between vehicles and their environment was organised by the worldwide association 5GAA (5G Automotive Association) on the Linas-Montlhéry proving ground. Six scenarios were presented with vehicles from the BMW, Ford and PSA groups:

  • Lane turn assist
  • Anticipation of emergency braking
  • Detection of a pedestrian crossing the road
  • Information acquisition of a traffic light
  • Detection of a slow or stationary vehicle
The test vehicles were all equipped with a C-V2X device developed by Qualcomm and Savari. This technology allows communication vehicles of different manufacturers (V2V), vehicles and pedestrians (V2P), vehicles and road infrastructures (V2I) as well as between vehicle and network (V2N). Thanks to its new technology centre dedicated to autonomous driving, UTAC CERAM will play a major role in vehicle connectivity.